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Does your story Need Help?

Talk to us. We'll listen.


Does your story Need Help?

Talk to us. We'll listen.


Martina Brand Therapy is a core brand strategy and design firm. We work intimately with our clients to craft beautiful, purposeful communication for their customers.

We believe it is best to go deep before going wide; to think of customers as more than just users; and that the best kind of growth is built from steady, earnest gains, compounded by positive word of mouth, and cemented with integrity. 

If your interest is piqued, please drop us a line. We'd be happy to walk you through our process and explore how Martina Brand Therapy can design a meaningful story for your brand.

Kind Regards,

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Kind testimonials, in our clients' own words.


Kind testimonials, in our clients' own words.


No two brands are the same: each project we've tackled was tailor-made to meet a specific need. If you'd like to see our work, have a look at our portfolio; in the meantime, take a look at what a few of our clients have said.



The difference in our printed and digital collateral from before to after we began working with Dave is like night and day. He "gets" our voice, and uses his creative skills combined with other talented experts on his team to produce assets that are polished and professional. The material we produce looks noticeably better than virtually everybody else in our field, and that's because we hired Dave and his crew.

– Josh Brahm,
Equal Rights Institute


Dave Martina and his team have an unmatched ability to unlock their client’s vision, values, and goals, and use this to create a cohesive on-point brand that communicates and markets powerfully to the target audience. The design work speaks for itself, and I highly recommend Dave to anyone who is interested in taking their business to the next level in today’s competitive marketplace.

– Ryan Alexander
Alexander & Sons

Dave knows how to ask the right questions to discover your company's core values and identity. He helped me realize things about Catechesis Books that I had never articulated and didn't know I wanted. From those conversations, we were able to drill down to exactly what the logo should look like and why. I have no hesitation in recommending Martina Brand Therapy to anyone who wants to take their company to the next level.

– Danielle Hitchen,
Catechesis Books


We've worked with others in the past for branding and marketing but Dave was the first to really ask the deeper questions of WHY, which made us think of how we can propagate our goals farther and wider.  He has a true talent of helping you develop your own passions while gently guiding you with his experience.

– Dr. Aaron Williams,
Hi-5 Orthodontics

Dave was incredibly instrumental in helping us understand how to find the true foundation and voice of our brand. The therapy-style method of conversation helped clarify our personal objectives which effectively narrowed the focus on what a stronger brand identity could look like for our company. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave and couldn't be more pleased with what we discovered through our conversations and his analysis.

– Matt Miner,
Rampid Productions


I now realize the importance of branding - in hindsight, I can appreciate all the steps you took to get us here and understand the process better. I am very excited about ORTHOS - you guys crafted an awesome brand.

– Dr. Mike Obeid,
Orthos Boutique Smiles 



We're here for you.


We're here for you.

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Service Offerings

Our early-stage exploration and ideation process is the largest driver of value for our clients; as such, we always start with Brand Therapy, and scope projects to your specific needs from there.

Core Services:
- Brand Therapy (Core Brand Strategy)
- Brand Story & Positioning
- Company or Product Naming
- Logo & Brand Identity Development
- Key Copy & Messaging
- Visual & Graphic Design

Creative Management:
- Photo and Video Production
- Social Media Strategy
- Web Design & User Experience

Martina Brand Therapy was founded in Los Angeles, CA, and is now based in Detroit, MI.